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Topics related to granting a Rangecast username access to audio


[FAQ-1109] What is a Rangecast user account?

The most important function of a Rangecast user account is *user authentication* for access to audio content or administrative controls. A second function is that a user account provides a place for the user to store certain information (to restore settings between player sessions, or share user-generated Worlds with other users.)

[FAQ-1110] What is a License?

A License grants Rangecast user account(s) permission to access a specific set of channels, from someone authorized to allow access (a hub administrator). The channels may be identified individually, or access may be granted to entire baskets of channels (Collections, or all content from one or more originating hubs). For a hub administrator to grant access via a License, either (a) Rangecast administration must have given permission to this hub's administrators to grant access to the channels, or (b) the channels must originate at the same hub (in which case the administrator's right to grant access is implicit in the role of hub administrator.) Note that a hub may exist for the sole purpose of License authority; it is not required that a hub originate any content (e.g. operate feed sites or scanners.)

[FAQ-1114] How Rangecast sets up permissions for an organization to grant access to user accounts

A Hub's basic parameters (number of authorized users, etc) can be established or modified by a Rangecast administrator, through a short form describing certain properties of the hub. Once established, the hub administrator may operate within the capacity limits and other guidelines defined in this form.

[FAQ-1135] Usernames and passwords for the Rangecast HTML5 system

A User Account is required for you to interact with the Rangecast HTML5 system. Creating an account requires only setting a Username and a Password. To access content, a hub administrator must grant permissions to your username in the hub's License.

[FAQ-1246] For hub-administered Rangecast user accounts - adding or removing accounts, and changing passwords

A hub administrator manages user accounts belonging to that hub (e.g. username@hub.) This FAQ describes how to create or remove such accounts, and how to change passwords.

[FAQ-1106] Creating a Rangecast user account, or resetting a password

A Rangecast user account is created, or a password reset, by the exact same process: affirmatively setting a password for the account. For user accounts identical to an e-mail address, this is done via a verification link sent by Rangecast to the user (on request via the Rangecast website). For user accounts in a 'user@hubname' format, this is done by an administrator for the hub.

[FAQ-1097] How to create a URL that directly launches the Rangecast Player into a specific user account

Any access to the Rangecast Player must be through a Rangecast user account. It is possible to create a URL that will directly launch the player into a specific user account, without entering a username/password. Access permissions after connecting are exactly the same as if the user had come through the normal login process (entering a username/password.) Of course, anyone with access to such a URL can access that user's Rangecast account without entering a password. This feature may be useful when embedding a player in a webpage to automatically launch with specific content, or to give users a bookmark URL for expedited access, or for use on devices where keyboard entry is not convenient.

[FAQ-1098] User Accounts: Single-User vs Multi-User

User accounts come in two varieties -- single-user and multi-user.

[FAQ-1100] How to customize the initial settings of a multi-user Rangecast account

In single-user accounts, various player settings are saved on exit, so the player is restored to a similiar state when the user later connects to Rangecast. This does not happen with multi-user accounts, since actions by one user should not affect the experience of other users sharing the same account. For a multi-user account, a hub administrator may customize these player settings, controlling how the player initially appears when any user connects through that user account.



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