Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1298] INDEX - Hub Administration

Page Type: INDEX


Topics related to administering a Rangecast system (e.g. granting access to users, selecting which broadcast channels are recorded, etc)


[FAQ-1282] INDEX - Hub Administration - Architecture

Topics related to the Rangecast system architecture and administration

[FAQ-1283] INDEX - Hub Administration - Authorizing User access

Topics related to granting a Rangecast username access to audio

[FAQ-1284] INDEX - Hub Administration - Channel Database

Topics related to the nationwide broadcast channel database used by Rangecast

[FAQ-1285] INDEX - Hub Administration - Scripts and Views

Topics related to scripting (simple programming) that can define Views (selections and arrangements of channels) in the Rangecast Player

[FAQ-1286] INDEX - Hub Administration - Arranging Buttons

Topics related to arranging channel buttons in the Rangecast Player

[FAQ-1287] INDEX - Hub Administration - Radio Receiver Programming

Topics related to programming radio receivers for use in Rangecast

[FAQ-1288] INDEX - Hub Administration - Status Page

Topics related to the Rangecast status page (provides information about the status of radio receivers, signal conditions, and feed site PCs)

[FAQ-1289] INDEX - Hub Administration - Channel surveys

Topics related to signal surveys (reports about radio signal quality)

[FAQ-1290] INDEX - Hub Administration - Channels and reception of channels

Topics related to the effective recording of specific broadcast channels that may require special attention

[FAQ-1291] INDEX - Hub Administration - Hubs and Collections (routing content)

Topics related to the way Rangecast bundles groups of broadcast channels so that that may be separately routed (provided to specific users)

[FAQ-1292] INDEX - Hub Administration - Importing Content

Topics related to accessing audio recorded by another party's radio receivers



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