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[FAQ-1135] Usernames and passwords for the Rangecast HTML5 system



A User Account is required for you to interact with the Rangecast HTML5 system. Creating an account requires only setting a Username and a Password. To access content, a hub administrator must grant permissions to your username in the hub's License.


The usernames/passwords used in the Rangecast HTML5 system (for player access and hub administration) are unrelated to the usernames/passwords used in the older Rangecast Java player.


Rangecast usernames come in two primary flavors:

1) owned by the user (password changed by e-mail validation)
2) owned by a hub (password changed by the hub administrator)

Usernames of the first type (owned by a user) are simply the user's e-mail address

Usernames of the second type (owned by a hub) are chosen by the hub administrator, and have the format "somename@hubname"

[FAQ-1106] Creating a Rangecast user account, or resetting a password

A Rangecast user account is created, or a password reset, by the exact same process: affirmatively setting a password for the account. For user accounts identical to an e-mail address, this is done via a verification link sent by Rangecast to the user (on request via the Rangecast website). For user accounts in a 'user@hubname' format, this is done by an administrator for the hub.

Aside from how passwords are set/changed, the only significant difference between these two types of accounts is that only hub-owned accounts can be set to a "multi-user" mode where the player can be used by multiple people at the same time

[FAQ-1098] User Accounts: Single-User vs Multi-User

User accounts come in two varieties -- single-user and multi-user.


Usernames are not case-sensitive.

Usernames should be alphanumeric, start with a letter, and may also use the characters "-" (dash), "_" (underscore), and "." (period.)


Usernames are used in these places:

a) Launching the Rangecast Player (identifying who is listening)

b) Naming a Rangecast World (as shared with other users)

[FAQ-1105] Creating a Rangecast World (or saving changes to an existing World)

Rangecast Worlds can be created by any Rangecast user, and saved to a folder within their user account. The process is that a user loads an existing Rangecast world, makes changes in the player, and saves to their own user account. Once a World is created, any Rangecast user can access it (by name), but only the author can overwrite the existing World with changes. (Other users can save to a new World name.)

c) Accessing the Rangecast hub administration

[FAQ-1115] How to grant or remove permission to administer a hub

In the hub administrative section for a hub, there is a list of Rangecast user accounts with administrative authority over the hub. This list may be edited to add or remove users from the hub's list of administrators. In addition to the accounts explicitly listed here, Rangecast administrators always have administrative authority over all hubs.

Note: The username has no effect on how the account may be used in Rangecast. In particular, it should be noted that a username in @hubname format can be used in any hub (it's not limited to 'hubname'), and has no privileged access to content from or licensed by the hub 'hubname'.


There is no difference between setting (originally) and changing (later) a password. In either case, someone verified to have authority to set a password enters it.

Setting a password does not give the user permission to access anything in Rangecast. The only effect is that the user can afterwards be authenticated as the genuine user.

Exception: If content is marked in Rangecast as fully public (may be accessed by any user), then once a user establishes a username and password, the username may be used immediately to access this fully public content via the Rangecast player.

Passwords are not stored - only a secure representation that may be used to validate an attempted login - and Rangecast is unable to determine the existing password for any account.


In addition to the two types of usernames described above (user-owned and hub-owned), a small number of Rangecast user accounts are of a third type - owned by Rangecast, with passwords that can only be set/changed by the Rangecast sysadmin.

The format of these usernames is text with no '@' symbol (in contrast, the '@' is present in both of the ordinary types of Rangecast user accounts.)




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