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[FAQ-1097] How to create a URL that directly launches the Rangecast Player into a specific user account



Any access to the Rangecast Player must be through a Rangecast user account. It is possible to create a URL that will directly launch the player into a specific user account, without entering a username/password. Access permissions after connecting are exactly the same as if the user had come through the normal login process (entering a username/password.) Of course, anyone with access to such a URL can access that user's Rangecast account without entering a password. This feature may be useful when embedding a player in a webpage to automatically launch with specific content, or to give users a bookmark URL for expedited access, or for use on devices where keyboard entry is not convenient.


1. Enter Rangecast hub administration (for any hub)

2. Select "Obtain URL for automatic login to Rangecast player"

3. Enter the username that will be automatically launched via the generated URL

4. Enter the password for this user account

5. Press "Get URL"

If you have entered a valid Rangecast username, and a valid password for that Rangecast account, the URL will be generated.

If you do not see a URL, that means that either the username is not a valid Rangecast username, or the password is not valid for this account.


To create a URL that directly launches the Rangecast player into a specific user account, (a) you must have permissions to administer a hub in Rangecast, and (b) you must know the password for the Rangecast user account.

Note: it does not matter *which* hub you have permission to administer; this may be any hub in the Rangecast system.


If a password for this user account is saved in the future (even if the new password is unchanged from the original password), the generated URL may become inoperative. In this case, a new URL may be generated for automatic access to this user account.




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