Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1246] For hub-administered Rangecast user accounts - adding or removing accounts, and changing passwords



A hub administrator manages user accounts belonging to that hub (e.g. username@hub.) This FAQ describes how to create or remove such accounts, and how to change passwords.


To use a Rangecast account to access audio, two steps are necessary (the order is not important):

* setting a password for the account
* granting access to that account.

For all these actions, the first steps are the same:

1) A hub administrator goes to rangecast.com

2) From the navigation option "support", choose "admin control"

3) Log into the administration system (with your admin username/password and the name of your system/hub). The entry is case-sensitive, most logins use lower case.

A -- To set or change a password for username@hub (the process is identical)

Note: Your Rangecast account manager will have set the maximum number of users your company is permitted. If you have any questions about your user count, please email your Rangecast account manager.

1) Choose the option "Set password for local account (username@hub)"

2) Enter the desired username (portion before the @ symbol only, as the portion after is fixed to your hub name)

3) Enter the desired password (may be entered twice for verification but this is not necessary)

4) Do not check the Multi-user option. This feature is only for specialized accounts.

5) Press "Set Password"

6) (Optional) You may copy a link to a URL that can be used as a bookmark (direct access to the user account without entering a username/password.) The URL can be turned into an icon for a PC, tablet or phone desktop (where it will appear similar to an app) and the user can click the icon to launch his or her player without having to enter a user name and password. (Note that, although the user does not enter the password when accessing Rangecast via this URL, the URL will cease to work if/when the account password is changed in the future.)

B -- To grant a user account access to your audio

Note: The steps described here assume that you are granting all your users full access to all of your audio. If this is not the case, see a more detailed process that takes into consideration how restrictions are applied (even if you are granting this user access to all of your audio.) Examples of restrictions include granting some users access to only certain channels, or with restrictions such as go-back limitations or enforced delay.

1) Choose the option "Access License"

2) In the first large white box, add the username on its own line (enter the full username, including both the portions before and after the @ symbol, exactly as it would be entered into the player to log in.)

3) At the bottom of the page, press "Save License"

C -- To remove a user account

User accounts are not permanently deleted in Rangecast. To revoke the right to access your audio, remove the username from the Access License. To block a user from being able to log into the player, you may also change the password.



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