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[FAQ-1109] What is a Rangecast user account?



The most important function of a Rangecast user account is *user authentication* for access to audio content or administrative controls. A second function is that a user account provides a place for the user to store certain information (to restore settings between player sessions, or share user-generated Worlds with other users.)


[FAQ-1106] Creating a Rangecast user account, or resetting a password

A Rangecast user account is created, or a password reset, by the exact same process: affirmatively setting a password for the account. For user accounts identical to an e-mail address, this is done via a verification link sent by Rangecast to the user (on request via the Rangecast website). For user accounts in a 'user@hubname' format, this is done by an administrator for the hub.

[FAQ-1097] How to create a URL that directly launches the Rangecast Player into a specific user account

Any access to the Rangecast Player must be through a Rangecast user account. It is possible to create a URL that will directly launch the player into a specific user account, without entering a username/password. Access permissions after connecting are exactly the same as if the user had come through the normal login process (entering a username/password.) Of course, anyone with access to such a URL can access that user's Rangecast account without entering a password. This feature may be useful when embedding a player in a webpage to automatically launch with specific content, or to give users a bookmark URL for expedited access, or for use on devices where keyboard entry is not convenient.

[FAQ-1104] How to select/enter/load a Rangecast World

Each Rangecast World has a unique name, and a Rangecast user may request any World by name on the Options screen. Worlds that the Rangecast user has previously accessed will be listed in a drop-down menu, for ease in switching between Worlds while the player is in use. To access a World for the first time, choose the option to request a world by name; this opens a text box (where the name should be entered) below the drop-down menu.

[FAQ-1105] Creating a Rangecast World (or saving changes to an existing World)

Rangecast Worlds can be created by any Rangecast user, and saved to a folder within their user account. The process is that a user loads an existing Rangecast world, makes changes in the player, and saves to their own user account. Once a World is created, any Rangecast user can access it (by name), but only the author can overwrite the existing World with changes. (Other users can save to a new World name.)




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