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Topics related to data ports and device drivers on the PC physically connected to radio receivers


[FAQ-1087] How to permanently disable a failed COM port

On rare occasions, a COM port may experience a failure that cannot be restored to a functional condition. If this happens, the port may be disabled. Afterwards the port will not be available for service, meaning that the PC may not be able to support as many scanners.

[FAQ-1089] Refresh the Prolific drivers for COM ports (uninstall and automatic reinstall)

A problem with a device driver can result in the PC losing data connectivity with a scanner. This can be resolved by uninstalling all COM ports in Windows Device Manager, reinstalling the correct device driver, and then rebooting the PC (which will trigger an automatic reinstallation of these ports.) On occasion, a working system may fail in a way that needs this repair, due to Windows automatically replacing a working device driver with a newer version that is incompatible with our hardware. (The older compatible version is included in the Rangecast installation package, and can be restored when necessary.)

[FAQ-1224] Removing the Prolific driver

The Prolific device driver is used for old-style PC/scanner interface hardware. On occasion, this driver may cause some spurious error messages, even if it is not in use. Customers using newer RCX interface hardware (and therefore not needing this driver) may wish to remove the Prolific driver from their system, as a simple way to clear these error messages.

[FAQ-1160] Installing the device driver for the COM ports (data connection to scanners)

The USB data connection between the PC and scanner requires a device driver. The specific device driver to install depends on the type of hardware interface connecting the PC and scanner. The device driver installation software is included in the Rangecast installation software package.

[FAQ-1161] How to ensure that Windows does not update device drivers

The external USB hardware at some Rangecast feed site PCs uses a Prolific device driver, and Prolific updates to this device driver since 2015 have been incompatible with their existing hardware. Therefore, automatic device driver updates can break operating Rangecast feed sites (if using Prolific USB hardware). This FAQ describes how to set Windows to not automatically update device drivers, to avoid this problem.



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