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[FAQ-1160] Installing the device driver for the COM ports (data connection to scanners)



The USB data connection between the PC and scanner requires a device driver. The specific device driver to install depends on the type of hardware interface connecting the PC and scanner. The device driver installation software is included in the Rangecast installation software package.


1) Open the SENDER folder on your desktop, and navigate to the "Uniden" sub-folder.

2) The correct driver to install depends on your hardware.

a) "Black Box" style hardware (an interface box with 2 USB cables to the PC, and data/audio cables to support 4 scanners):

First, ensure that Windows will not automatically update device drivers, since an automatic update to the current Prolific driver will make the PC stop working correctly

[FAQ-1161] How to ensure that Windows does not update device drivers

The external USB hardware at some Rangecast feed site PCs uses a Prolific device driver, and Prolific updates to this device driver since 2015 have been incompatible with their existing hardware. Therefore, automatic device driver updates can break operating Rangecast feed sites (if using Prolific USB hardware). This FAQ describes how to set Windows to not automatically update device drivers, to avoid this problem.

If available in the "Uniden" folder, choose the file "Prolific-PL2303 DriverInstaller". Otherwise, use "Uniden PL-2303 Windows 7 Driver Installer" (or if your operating system is Vista or XP, a similarly named program appropriate to your OS.)

When complete, press Finish, and reboot the PC. The COM ports should automatically install when the PC reboots.

Note: if the installer offers to *uninstall* the driver when launched, this means the device driver is already installed. Follow a process to cleanly uninstall the existing driver, and then reinstall the driver

[FAQ-1089] Refresh the Prolific drivers for COM ports (uninstall and automatic reinstall)

A problem with a device driver can result in the PC losing data connectivity with a scanner. This can be resolved by uninstalling all COM ports in Windows Device Manager, reinstalling the correct device driver, and then rebooting the PC (which will trigger an automatic reinstallation of these ports.) On occasion, a working system may fail in a way that needs this repair, due to Windows automatically replacing a working device driver with a newer version that is incompatible with our hardware. (The older compatible version is included in the Rangecast installation package, and can be restored when necessary.)

b) RCX hardware (an interface box that mounts on the back of a scanner, with a single USB cable to the PC): Right-click the file "FTDI-CDM", and choose "Run as Administrator". Follow the instructions to install the device driver, then reboot the PC.

Note: When upgrading the interface hardware from the original "black box" model to the current RCX model, if your Rangecast installation is from before 2015, the Rangecast software package on your PC may not include the FTDI device driver installer required for RCX. If this file is missing, you can download the current Rangecast install package (ZIP file), then copy the FTDI software from the "Uniden" folder inside the ZIP to the "Uniden" folder in the SENDER folder on the desktop.

Note: The FTDI installer must be run as an administrator. If you are unable to do this, please contact your IT department.




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