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[FAQ-1087] How to permanently disable a failed COM port



On rare occasions, a COM port may experience a failure that cannot be restored to a functional condition. If this happens, the port may be disabled. Afterwards the port will not be available for service, meaning that the PC may not be able to support as many scanners.


1) If Rangecast software is running, stop the software

[FAQ-1088] How to stop Rangecast software on a feed site PC (temporary stop, not decommission)

Rangecast software on a feed site PC includes a "watchdog" process that monitors for software faults, and may automatically relaunch the software if it is not closed correctly. The correct way to stop Rangecast is to click the Rangecast icon, and then press the Stop button.

2) Open Windows Device Manager. On PCs configured by Rangecast, this is usually available as a desktop shortcut icon. If this icon is not visible, open Device Manager through Windows Start - Control Panel.

3) Expand the item "Ports"

4) Hover over the COM port that you want to disable (e.g. COM 6)

5) Right-click, and select Disable

6) Reboot the PC


You must know the number of the COM port that you want to delete (e.g. COM 6)


To restore the COM port (reverse this process), go to Device Manager as described here, hover over the COM port, and select Enable.




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