Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1162] Installing or Uninstalling XYNT as Administrator



When installing or uninstalling Rangecast as a service (an unusual mode of operation that lets Rangecast operate at bootup even if the PC cannot automatically launch applications), it is sometimes necessary to run a command in a Windows command window with elevated privileges.


1) If Rangecast is running, then stop Rangecast

[FAQ-1088] How to stop Rangecast software on a feed site PC (temporary stop, not decommission)

Rangecast software on a feed site PC includes a "watchdog" process that monitors for software faults, and may automatically relaunch the software if it is not closed correctly. The correct way to stop Rangecast is to click the Rangecast icon, and then press the Stop button.

2) From the Windows Start Menu, run Command Prompt as administrator. The steps for doing this depend on your version of Windows:

For Windows 7, choose Accessories, then right-click on Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator"

For Windows 10, choose Windows System, then right-click oni Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator"

3) Click in the Command Prompt box, and enter a command that changes the current directory to the Rangecast folder.

The command is "cd \users\username\Desktop\SENDER" (without the quotation marks) (then press enter), where "username" is replaced with the name of the Windows user where Rangecast is installed on the user's desktop.

Note: the command uses backslashes, not forward slashes.

Note: if the username contains spaces, the characters after the "cd" can be enclosed in quotation marks.

4) Enter a command that installs or uninstalls the XYNT service, as desired.

To start: rc-xynt-install
To stop: rc-xynt-uninstall

Note: in the example shown in the screenshot above, the user entered the "cd (path)" and "rc-xynt-install" command. The following lines were automatically printed by the software, not the user. No commands need to be typed after the install/uninstall command shown above in this step.

5) Close the Command Prompt window

6) You may restart Rangecast (or continue with other work, if this process is part of a sequence, as appropriate)




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