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[FAQ-1115] How to grant or remove permission to administer a hub



In the hub administrative section for a hub, there is a list of Rangecast user accounts with administrative authority over the hub. This list may be edited to add or remove users from the hub's list of administrators. In addition to the accounts explicitly listed here, Rangecast administrators always have administrative authority over all hubs.


This action can only be performed by someone authorized to administer the hub. If you want to become authorized, you must contact someone already holds this authorization.

Note: Rangecast administrators always have the authority to take administrative actions on a hub.

1. Know the name of the hub you want to administer.

2. Enter hub administration for that hub, using your Rangecast administration username/password

3. Choose the "Administrator List".

4. In the large text box, edit the list of Rangecast user accounts that should have hub administrative authority. You may add or remove user accounts here. Each username must be on its own line, and appear exactly as the username would be entered into the Rangecast player at login. (For example, a username like "user1@hubname" must be listed that way, not just "user1".)

Note: Rangecast administrators should not be included in this list, since they always have the ability to enter hub administration.

5. Press "Save to ADMIN".




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