Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1104] How to select/enter/load a Rangecast World



Each Rangecast World has a unique name, and a Rangecast user may request any World by name on the Options screen. Worlds that the Rangecast user has previously accessed will be listed in a drop-down menu, for ease in switching between Worlds while the player is in use. To access a World for the first time, choose the option to request a world by name; this opens a text box (where the name should be entered) below the drop-down menu.


To load (enter) an existing Rangecast world:

1) In the Rangecast player, select Options

2) In the section titled Network, select the drop-down titled World

3) See if the name of the world you want is listed in the drop-down menu options

If yes: Select that menu option

If no: Select the last option, titled "Enter the name of the world." This will create a text box below the drop-down menu where you may type the name, then press Enter.

4) Return to the player, by selecting the tab for your preferred display mode (e.g. Best Fit, etc)


To select a World in the Rangecast player, you must (a) have a Rangecast user account, (b) know the name of the World you want to access, and (c) have access permission to some or all channels carried in that World.


If the screen display is too short, it may not be possible to access the section of the Options page with the World drop-down menu. If this is the case, you can use a device with a larger screen (such as a PC) to enter the world. The player saves settings on exit, including your choice of World, so when you open the player on a device with a small screen, you will have your desired content.


After connecting to a World, the user will only be able to hear content on those channels where the user has been granted access permissions. Security restrictions are not placed on access to Worlds themselves, but on access to content within Worlds.




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