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Situational Awareness

Monitoring for Situational Awareness

situational awareness hurricane

Some organizations need to know about disasters so they can help send assistance to affected individuals or regions, and help start the process of recovery. This is true at every level of scale, from a hurricane that devastates a region, to a local flooding event when snows melt, to an isolated residential fire. Knowing where disaster strikes is the necessary first step for helping people on the path to recovery, and Rangecast can help make this possible.

situational awareness air support

Monitoring public safety agencies provides real-time situational awareness of what's unfolding in areas affected by a disaster. Public safety communications are broadcast on the public airwaves, and this stream of information can be monitored by other agencies or organizations without any burden on the agencies directly responding to the disaster. This is a way to get real-time on-site reports from the scene, while everyone remains focused on their core mission -- people on-site directly addressing the problem, and people further away preparing to send aid.


In the event of widespread disasters that require aid from distant locations, Rangecast provides a unique way that support agencies and organizations can stay informed about unfolding events. Radio signals sent by first responders travel only a limited distance, and in major disasters affecting an entire region, these signals cannot be directly monitored by central support agencies located far away from the zone. Since Rangecast moves this information from the airwaves to the cloud, we make it possible for support agencies anywhere in the nation to stay fully informed of events on the ground.