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The Rangecast Player - Getting Started

Introduction to the Rangecast Player

Overview of the Rangecast Player

How To Use The Rangecast Player

Getting Started with the Rangecast Player

Player Modes - Summary of Monitoring, Forward History, etc

Desktop and Mobile Layouts of the Rangecast Player

Channels Panel of the Rangecast Player

Transmissions Panel of the Rangecast Player

Settings and Preferences Panel of the Rangecast Player

Specific Tasks

Saving Audio

Creating Rangecast User Accounts

Configurating Your System

What are Views?

How to Name Channels

Options for how to Create Views



Tactical Creation of Views

Preserve Across Sessions

Scripting to Create New or Customized Views for the Rangecast Player

Configuring Feed Sites

Configuring Feed Site Software to Register New Scanners

Programing Channels and Signal Surveys

Adding or Removing Channels From Scanner Radio Programming

Entry Screen Options on the Rangecast Programmer

Starting a Signal Survey to Compare Strength/Quality From Receive Sites

Signal Survey to Improve Reception Quality of Conventional Radio Channels

Signal Survey to Map Trunked Radio Systems and Configure Radio Scanners

Steps to Take if There is Little or no Reception on a Channel