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Topics related to a remote power switch that is recommended for feed site PCs (allows for automatic power cycling in the event of a PC freeze)


[FAQ-1248] Webswitch Pro Auto Rebooter

Rangecast now recommends the Webswitch Pro auto rebooter which will enhance the system's up-time by automatically power cycling a Rangecast feed site PC which freezes (this can occur during Windows updates or other events at times). The Webswitch Pro has networking technology which has allowed our engineers to integrate its operation into the Rangecast architecture. The Webswitch is very easy to setup, can run in DHCP, and can serve up to two PCs at one time.

[FAQ-1229] WebSwitch setup (remote power switch)

To setup a WebSwitch remote power switch, first set configuration options for the device via a web browser, then connect the device to your PC, and finally associate the serial number of the device with the PC.

[FAQ-1249] Remote power cycling of a PC using WebSwitch

If a PC has a WebSwitch rebooter, you can manually request a power cycle and reboot of the PC through an online Rangecast user interface.

[FAQ-1240] Checking Webswitch status

The status of a WebSwitch rebooter in the field can be checked via the status page. This can be useful for checking that a WebSwitch is operational, or diagnosing why a PC connected to a WebSwitch did not restart as expected.

[FAQ-1251] Verifying WebSwitch

[FAQ-1261] Refreshing DNS cache on WebSwitch units

When it's necessary to change the IP address of the service supporting WebSwitch (at admin.rangecast.com), we've found that the WebSwitch units may not update their DNS resolution, breaking communication with the units until a DNS refresh is forced by either power-cycling the WebSwitch or (this can be done remotely) accessing its web interface. This is a rarely needed action.



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