Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1229] WebSwitch setup (remote power switch)



To setup a WebSwitch remote power switch, first set configuration options for the device via a web browser, then connect the device to your PC, and finally associate the serial number of the device with the PC.


For WebSwitch units shipped from Scanner Master:

Before shipping, Scanner Master performs setup steps 1-6 (preparing the unit). This process is the same for all units (this can be done when the product is put into stock, there is no customization needed for individual orders)

At the install site, the customer performs steps 7-8 (knowing which PC is attached to which outlet) and provides this information to their Rangecast sales representative

After the unit is connected, Rangecast performs step 9 (recording this information to enable automatic control)


1) The WebSwitch product ships with a static IP Connect the WebSwitch to a LAN where this is an allowed address.

2) From a PC on the same LAN, in a web browser navigate here:

3) Enter the device's default username (admin) and password (webswitch)

4) Navigate to the Advanced Network tab, and make three changes (enable Remote Services, enter a domain name and port number) indicated in the highlighted portion of the image, and then press SUBMIT

5) Navigate to the Network tab, and make one change indicated (enable DHCP) in the highlighted portion of the image (note: the correct setting is YES) and then press SUBMIT

6) Reboot the device (can be done by unplugging the device and re-connecting it to power.) This will happen naturally if the device is to be used in a different location.

7) Record the serial number of the device, from a panel on the base. The format is like 11-22-33-44-55-66

8) When connecting the device to a PC, record whether the PC is on outlet switch #1 or #2.

9) In Rangecast Notes, this serial number should be entered as the rebooter name, with "/1" or "/2" added to the end of the name, to indicate the outlet number.




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