Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1249] Remote power cycling of a PC using WebSwitch



If a PC has a WebSwitch rebooter, you can manually request a power cycle and reboot of the PC through an online Rangecast user interface.


To remotely reboot a PC via WebSwitch,

1. Access the status page for the hub operating the PC/scanners

2. In the navigation bar on the top right, select Advanced

3. In the upper-right of the Advanced options, select "power switch controller"

4. This brings up a report listing each PC associated with this hub.

For each PC, if a WebSwitch has been configured, the WebSwitch serial number will be shown in the "Switch ID" column, and the outlet number (which power outlet from WebSwitch provides power to this specific PC) is shown in the "Outlet" column.

On the row relating to the PC of interest, if either field is blank (Switch ID or Outlet), then the system is not aware of a WebSwitch powering this PC. If this is incorrect, follow the instructions for registering a WebSwitch

[FAQ-1229] WebSwitch setup (remote power switch)

To setup a WebSwitch remote power switch, first set configuration options for the device via a web browser, then connect the device to your PC, and finally associate the serial number of the device with the PC.

5. Click on the PC ID for the PC you want to reboot

6. Click "Request Reboot"

7. The PC should power cycle within 60 seconds. The PC will be powered down for slightly over 45 seconds, then power will be restored. The extended powerdown clears some elements of the USB system that remain active even when a PC is turned off.




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