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[FAQ-1261] Refreshing DNS cache on WebSwitch units



When it's necessary to change the IP address of the service supporting WebSwitch (at admin.rangecast.com), we've found that the WebSwitch units may not update their DNS resolution, breaking communication with the units until a DNS refresh is forced by either power-cycling the WebSwitch or (this can be done remotely) accessing its web interface. This is a rarely needed action.


There appear to be two ways to force a WebSwitch to refresh its DNS resolution of "admin.rangecast.com" (the service that the WebSwitch communicates with.)

1) Power-cycling the WebSwitch. (It's not known how long the WebSwitch must be powered off, but tests with about 15 seconds have been successful, it's likely that even an instantaneous loss of power would be sufficient.)

This method may be undesirable because the point of a WebSwitch is to be able to remotely command power-cycle; it's ironic to need to power-cycle the power-cycler.

2) Through the administration panel. Like many other internet-connected devices, each WebSwitch is responsive to HTTP communications directed to its IP address. In particular, there is a configuration page at (ip address)/setup.html. If you go to that address and login (requires a username/password), you can change administrative settings on the WebSwitch.

(The username is 'admin'. The default password is 'webswitch', of course this may have been changed.)

Go to the "Advanced Network" page, and press the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen. No changes are needed to any information - just pressing the equivalent of a "Save" button forces the WebSwitch to refresh its network information, and restores normal service.

The difficulty here is that the WebSwitch units are normally configured to use DHCP on a LAN, meaning (a) this administrative interface cannot be accessed remotely from outside the local network, and (b) the dynamic IP address assigned to the WebSwitch may not be known. You may need to consult your IP department, or your router's list of attached devices, to determine the IP address to use from a browser also on the same LAN.




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