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Topics related to error messages that may appear in the Rangecast Player


[FAQ-1184] CLOCK ERROR on player

When using the player, if the clock is inaccurate by more than a few minutes, the synchronization with the server is adversely affected. In this situation, the player will not access new audio. You may hear a couple of minutes of pre-fetched audio recorded shortly before you log in to the player, but the player will quickly stop and play no further audio. The way to correct this error is to synchronize your PC clock to a time reference (and correctly specify your time zone, ensure Daylight Savings Time mode is not disabled if you live in a region using DST, etc.)

[FAQ-1316] Rangecast Player login error message: ERR-P12 BAD USERNAME OR PASSWORD

Rangecast error P12 (Bad Username or Password) indicates that the username/password combination entered into the Rangecast Player is not recognized by the system.

[FAQ-1317] The player screen appears to be frozen

If the Rangecast player appears to freeze, try closing and relaunching the player. If this occurs frequently, please provide some technical information about the issue.

[FAQ-1318] Not receiving radio traffic

If you are not receiving radio traffic, there are some specific controls to check in the player (to see if you have filtered out all transmissions), you can try restarting the player, and you can check to see if the radios are currently operational.

[FAQ-1319] We are not hearing entire threads (every radio call) of certain incidents

If you are not receiving all transmissions in a communications exchange, it is possible that some participants are low-power mobile units that cannot be received at your radio location, or that your radios are busy enough trying to follow all programmed channels (often hundreds or thousands) that it is not possible to capture every transmission and more hardware is needed for complete coverage.

[FAQ-1320] We are not hearing a particular channel or group of channels - has a frequency or talkgroup changed?

If a channel is not received over Rangecast, it is possible that the scanner programming must be adjusted, or the signal quality may be poor at the location of your current radios. It is also possible that the channel is encrypted, or cannot be received with the model of radio receiver in service.



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