Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1320] We are not hearing a particular channel or group of channels - has a frequency or talkgroup changed?

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If a channel is not received over Rangecast, it is possible that the scanner programming must be adjusted, or the signal quality may be poor at the location of your current radios. It is also possible that the channel is encrypted, or cannot be received with the model of radio receiver in service.


1) Ask your company Rangecast admin to check the programming feature of the admin page. The scanner programming may need to be adjusted

[FAQ-1247] Adding a new channel

These steps describe how to add a new channel to a Rangecast originating hub

2) Certain police and a few fire departments use encrypted communications which cannot be received at all. Check with RadioReference.com on their Database Page for more information, or contact and we will check for you as we are able.


3) Not every channel can be received by the scanners. Some agencies use lower power radio systems or are just too far away from our receive locations that your company has provided.



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