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Topics related to the screen layouts and display panels available in the Rangecast Player


[FAQ-1307] Desktop Layout

The Desklop layout is the normal display mode for Rangecast, with all three information panels presented (primary, channels, and transmissions)

[FAQ-1312] Use on Cellphones (Mobile Layout)

On cellphones with a small display area, the standard Desktop layout is not usable. Instead, as a Mobile alternative, the player should be used by switching as needed between four layouts that each restrict the display to a specific portion of the full desktop interface. (This is easily done, in effect like switching between tabs.)

[FAQ-1308] Grid Layout

The Grid layout is selected by choosing the radio tower icon on the top of the display. When selected, this icon will appear in white. [img-layout-grid]

[FAQ-1309] Library Layout

The Library layout dedicates most of the screen to a detailed list of available channels.

[FAQ-1310] Transmissions Layout

The Transmissions layout dedicates most of the screen to a list of available transmissions, and provides a way to step immediately to any transmission on the list.

[FAQ-1311] Basic Layout

The Basic Layout shows a minimial version of the primary display window (description of current transmission and essential controls). This is intended for use on cellphones, and may also be used a PC where the text is made large for visibility across the room, or where the Rangecast player is tucked into a corner alongside other applications.



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