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[FAQ-1073] Notifying Rangecast when a scanner is removed from service, or moved between PCs



Rangecast Operations tracks the health of the Rangecast system, including detection of scanners that are absent or not operating normally. If a scanner is removed from service, or moved between PCs, or temporarily taken out of service while being relocated, Rangecast Operations should always be notified of this change, otherwise the change may appear to be an incident resulting in a trouble ticket.


To notify Rangecast that a scanner is either permanently or temporarily taken out of service, or moved from one PC to another, please send an e-mail to this address: (Note: This request also applies to VOX senders, if any are present, in addition to scanners.)

In the e-mail, describe the changes. In addition, for clarity, for every feed site number (e.g. hubname-20) where any scanners have been added, removed, or moved between PCs, please provide a list of the correct configuration -- which senders should be operational on which PCs (where the PCs are identified by the name shown in the blue "Default Location Note" text entry box on the configuration screen.)

For example, an e-mail might say:

Correct Configuration:

Seattle PC1: hubname-20-AB/21-AB
Seattle PC2: hubname-20-CD/21-C/22-D


20-CD were moved from Seattle PC1 to Seattle PC2
21-AB were added to Seattle PC1
21-CD/22-D were added to Seattle PC2
22-ABC were deleted permanently from the system
(Note: "hubname" should be replaced with the actual name of your hub.)

This should match the information on the configuration screen for each PC where you have made changes.

For each feed site number, the list should include all senders that are supposed to be operational, even if they are located on a PC that was not affected in these changes. (Otherwise it may be impossible to tell if changes that may occur elsewhere in the feed site are due to intentional changes, such as removing a radio, or technical problems.) Also, make note of any sender IDs that have been intentionally removed from the system (for example, by either renaming or removing the scanner).

For illustration, this is an example of a configuration screen where you would read information about the name of a PC ("Default Location Note") and the name of each sender on the PC (yellow boxes).




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