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[FAQ-1075] How to move a Rangecast scanner from one PC to another



When a scanner is moved from one PC to another, in addition to moving the scanner itself (and possibly associated hardware), changes in Rangecast Configuration are needed on the PC where the scanner was removed to notify that PC that the scanner is no longer expected there. In addition, if the scanner is a model 536, Rangecast Configuration changes are needed on the PC receiving the scanner, to set the scanner's Rangecast ID.


When a scanner is moved from one PC to another:

1) Remove the scanner from the PC where it was located. In addition to disconnecting hardware, in Rangecast Configuration, remove the scanner's Rangecast ID from the list of scanners that the PC expects to see attached there

[FAQ-1070] How to remove a scanner from Rangecast service, when it is removed or turned off

A scanner can be removed from Rangecast service by disconnecting the scanner from the PC, or powering it off -- and then updating Rangecast Configuration on the PC to indicate that the scanner has been removed. (Without this second step, the PC will report the missing radio as an error condition.)

If this configuration change is not made, Rangecast will attempt to launch a sender using that Rangecast ID on this PC (to report that the scanner is missing), which will create system conflicts with the sender using the same ID on the scanner's new host PC.

2) If there will be an outage of more than a few hours, notify Rangecast Operations of the expected maintenance outage on this scanner

[FAQ-1073] Notifying Rangecast when a scanner is removed from service, or moved between PCs

Rangecast Operations tracks the health of the Rangecast system, including detection of scanners that are absent or not operating normally. If a scanner is removed from service, or moved between PCs, or temporarily taken out of service while being relocated, Rangecast Operations should always be notified of this change, otherwise the change may appear to be an incident resulting in a trouble ticket.

3) Move the scanner to the PC where it will re-enter service. If the scanner is using an RCX interface, also bring the RCX interface to the new PC.

4) Connect the scanner

5) If this scanner is a model 536: Use Rangecast Configuration to restore the Rangecast ID of this scanner. For model 536 radios only, this information is not preserved when a scanner is moved between PCs.

[FAQ-1069] How to set the Rangecast ID of scanners

Each radio scanner sending content into Rangecast is identified by a unique Rangecast ID, which is set through Rangecast software (configuration interface) on the PC connected to the scanner.

For all other models of scanner, Rangecast will automatically detect the scanner and recognize its Rangecast ID, and launch a sender to support this scanner, with no configuration changes necessary.




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