Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1071] How to remove a scanner from Rangecast service, when it remains physically connected to the PC



A scanner can be decommissioned from Rangecast service (while the scanner is still physically connected to the PC) in Rangecast Configuration by changing the scanner's Rangecast ID, so that the hub name is "X".


If the scanner is left in place (with power). This may be necessary if maintaining a feed site remotely.

1) Launch Rangecast Configuration (this process will take about 35 seconds, while the software searches for attached hardware). When complete the software will say "Port tests complete" in the upper-left corner.

2) You should see a row on the user interface with the Rangecast ID of the scanner you want to decommission shown in the yellow text boxes, and the text "COM" in the left column (indicating that the scanner was found, at a specific data COM port.)

3) On the row for that scanner, rename the Rangecast ID by replacing the hub name with the letter "X" (upper case).

4) Press "Save Changes".

5) The software will repeat the search for hardware and display the new configuration. When this is complete ("Port tests complete" message in the upper-left), you may close the Configuration page and relaunch the Rangecast software.

6) Notify Rangecast Operations that the scanner has been removed from service

[FAQ-1073] Notifying Rangecast when a scanner is removed from service, or moved between PCs

Rangecast Operations tracks the health of the Rangecast system, including detection of scanners that are absent or not operating normally. If a scanner is removed from service, or moved between PCs, or temporarily taken out of service while being relocated, Rangecast Operations should always be notified of this change, otherwise the change may appear to be an incident resulting in a trouble ticket.


If the scanner is being physically disconnected from the PC, use method

[FAQ-1070] How to remove a scanner from Rangecast service, when it is removed or turned off

A scanner can be removed from Rangecast service by disconnecting the scanner from the PC, or powering it off -- and then updating Rangecast Configuration on the PC to indicate that the scanner has been removed. (Without this second step, the PC will report the missing radio as an error condition.)




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