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[FAQ-1314] What are Notification e-mails?



Notification e-mails are sent by Operations when a problem is detected on your system during a daily review, and the issue cannot be resolved remotely, so on-site action is needed to either fix an issue or provide additional information.


Operations does a daily systemwide review of the performance of all feeds in the Rangecast network, checking that the feeds are online, and testing for certain kinds of errors that may require attention. If Operations detects a problem, Rangecast will first attempt to resolve the issue remotely.

If an issue cannot be resolved remotely, or if more information is needed, someone from Operations will e-mail the customer. This is to help customers be aware of problems in their system, or to get information that is needed for Rangecast to assist with maintenance or repairs. This kind of message is only sent if we cannot resolve the problem, and it is important for someone on-site to take some action (usually either fixing a hardware issue, or providing us with specific information.) On occasion, it may be necessary to replace a failed hardware component.

E-mail from Operations will include a link to an FAQ about the kind of problem that has been detected. This FAQ will describe the recommended action.

If the FAQ does not explain clearly and completely what you need to address the issue, or if it appears to not be relevant to your specific situation, contact us at the e-mail below and describe what is needed to make the document applicable, or what assistance you need in resolving the problem.

The From: e-mail address used for outbound notifications does not receive incoming e-mails. Please reply to the address above.


About administrative access:

[FAQ-1153] How to access Hub Administration

A hub administrator (e.g. someone with a Rangecast username that has been previously listed as having administrative permissions for a hub) can access administrative functions for the HTML5 system.


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