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[FAQ-1295] INDEX - Operations and Technical Support

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Topics related to addressing technical problems that may arise with Rangecast service


[FAQ-1301] Overview of Rangecast maintenance and expected support

Once a system is operational, Rangecast operates like a utility, without any need for regular support. Most routine administrative tasks are easy to perform, and you will have administrative control over your system. To learn about administration, or get assistance with tasks such as adding channels, improving reception, or creating customized players, training can be arranged as a scheduled activity with sufficient advanced notice.

[FAQ-1314] What are Notification e-mails?

Notification e-mails are sent by Operations when a problem is detected on your system during a daily review, and the issue cannot be resolved remotely, so on-site action is needed to either fix an issue or provide additional information.

[FAQ-1321] One of our receive sites was down, is it back up now?

You can check to see if your radios are online in either the player or the administrative system.



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