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Topics related to the radio receivers used to detect signals and feed audio into the Rangecast system


[FAQ-1129] What is a Cluster?

A group of radio scanners operates as a "cluster" when all of the scanners are programmed to receive the same channels, and the scanners operate collaboratively via Multisync to efficiently receive transmissions on these channels. Each cluster is associated with a "cluster number", channels are assigned for reception to a particular cluster (by number), and scanners within a cluster (with the hub and number as part of its Rangecast ID) are programmed to match the programming assigned to the cluster.

[FAQ-1064] How to find the Rangecast ID of a scanner

Each physical scanner used for Rangecast has a unique ID. For most scanners (except the model 536), the Rangecast ID of the scanner is briefly shown on the scanner front panel display when the scanner is first turned on. Alternatively, for most scanners (except the model 15), the color of the scanner front panel display is set by Rangecast software to help with identification.

[FAQ-1081] Ensuring scanner power and hardware connectivity

For use with Rangecast, a scanner must be attached to the PC in a way that supports both data and audio connectivity, and the scanner must be powered on.

[FAQ-1062] How to perform scanner Factory Reset

[FAQ-1119] Using Uniden 536 scanners at a Rangecast feed site

The Uniden 536 scanner behaves differently from other models of scanner commonly used at Rangecast feed sites. A significant difference is that 536 scanners cannot be programmed by Rangecast software, so the scanner must be programmed with the desired channels in some other way.

[FAQ-1245] Updating firmware on Uniden 536

A firmware update for the Uniden 536 issued in 2018 includes support for new features essential for Rangecast programming of this scanner model. This describes the steps necessary for updating the firmware.

[FAQ-1083] Power cycling of 536 model scanners

BCD536HP model scanners can become unresponsive to computer commands, and cease to communicate with the PC via the data cable / COM port. To restore normal operations, it may be necessary to unplug the power cord from the scanner for about 15 seconds, then try again after the scanner has rebooted.

[FAQ-1085] How to reset the data speed of a model 536 radio

For unknown reasons, the model 536 scanners can switch from the correct baud rate (data speed) 115200 to the factory default value of 4800. If this happens, the data rate can be reset to 115200 using the RC-CONTROL utility software.

[FAQ-1254] SDS-200 differences

This is a summary of operational differences when using the Uniden SDS-200 model scanner

[FAQ-1253] Attenuator

To activate the attenuator on the scanners, a Special Settings command is available.



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