Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1245] Updating firmware on Uniden 536



A firmware update for the Uniden 536 issued in 2018 includes support for new features essential for Rangecast programming of this scanner model. This describes the steps necessary for updating the firmware.


1. Download the Sentinel software from Uniden.


2. Run Sentinel.

3. Ensure the scanner is powered off.

4. Ensure the USB port on the front panel of the scanner is connected to the PC via a USB cable.

5. Turn the scanner's power on.

6. You will see a message like "select USB Mode" (Mass Storage or Serial Port). Select the Mass Storage option with the E key on the front panel of the scanner.

(Note: This message may time out after a few seconds, depending on your current firmware version. If the message disappears, turn the scanner off and on again.)

7. In Sentinel, choose the drop-down menu Update from the navigation bar, then the option Update Firmware.

8. A window will appear listing connected Uniden scanners (only showing scanners connected via Mass Storage Mode -- other scanners in use for Rangecast will not be shown, so there should be only one scanner listed.) Select this scanner.

9. Accept any following steps or acknowledgements indicated by the Sentinel program.

10. When complete, disconnect the scanner.

11. Close Sentinel.


Illustrated video of a firmware update from Scanner Master:





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