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Topics related to the Rangecast Player of interest to advanced users


[FAQ-1315] Radio status (report available in Rangecast Player)

The Rangecast Player includes a report listing all radios providing audio content on the specific channels currently selected for reception. If there are any known technical problems with these feeds, the problem is identified, and FAQ links provided to help with resolution.

[FAQ-1167] Downloading audio files

To save audio files from Rangecast on your PC, use Snapshot mode and select the time interval with the content you want to save, mark channels and/or transmissions you want to preserve, and click the download button to save a ZIP file with the audio on your PC.

[FAQ-1187] Using multiple Rangecast players on a single PC

In some situations where physical space is limited and the amount of content to monitor is unusually large, such as newsroom assignment desks, it may be useful to have more than one Rangecast player running on a single PC, routing audio to different speakers.

[FAQ-1232] Using Anydesk so Rangecast can temporarily access another PC

It is sometimes helpful for Rangecast to have temporary remote desktop access to a PC, for example during a training session. This FAQ is NOT intended to cover feed site PCs where Rangecast should have routine access for performing maintenance.



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