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[FAQ-1232] Using Anydesk so Rangecast can temporarily access another PC



It is sometimes helpful for Rangecast to have temporary remote desktop access to a PC, for example during a training session. This FAQ is NOT intended to cover feed site PCs where Rangecast should have routine access for performing maintenance.


1) On the PC that Rangecast should be able to temporarily access, go to the website "anydesk.com" and download the software. This is available for numerous operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, FreeBSD, and Raspberry Pi.

2) Find the software (one EXE file), usually in your Downloads folder. Double-click and run the file. (Note: For this use, Anydesk does NOT need to be installed. It can be run as a stand-alone software product by just double-clicking on the file.)

3) The screen should show a nine-digit Anydesk ID. Give this ID to your Rangecast contact.

4) When Rangecast connects to the PC, a window will open asking if you want to accept the connection. Confirm to let the remote desktop connection be established.

5) When you are finished, simply close the application. Nothing is installed, and the Anydesk software will not run or operate unless you choose to run the program again. You may delete the Anydesk file if you wish.

Additional steps that may be useful for specific projects:

Rangecast will be able to hear the audio that would play on your PCs speakers. If you want Rangecast to listen to the sound input coming from a scanner, you will need to make this audio play on the PCs speaker output (it's fine if you don't have a speaker.) This is done by going to Windows Control Panel - Sound, choosing the Recording tab, select the particular audio input you want to access (double click), select the Listen tab, and check the checkbox titled "Listen to this device". In some cases, you may wish to do this for all audio inputs.



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