Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1167] Downloading audio files



To save audio files from Rangecast on your PC, use Snapshot mode and select the time interval with the content you want to save, mark channels and/or transmissions you want to preserve, and click the download button to save a ZIP file with the audio on your PC.


1) In the HTML5 Rangecast player, go to either the desktop (recommended) or transmissions tab

2) Ensure that the channels you want are marked for reception (that the channels are listed, and not turned off)

3) Select Snapshot mode (camera icon)

4) If the transmissions you want are not shown in your list of transmissions, select a time period including the transmissions you want to preserve. This is done by entering a start and end time. (Note: there are capacity limits for a download, please limit the save to relevant channels over a relevant time period.)

5) Mark the specific content you want to preserve. For example, you may mark (or unmark) channels, groups, or systems by clicking on the corresponding text tag field in the list of transmissions. If you want to save everything, you click Mark All on the transmissions panel. You may mark (or unmark) individual transmissions by clicking on the duration (seconds) of that specific transmission.

6) In transmissions panel, click the download button. A ZIP file containing the audio files for each marked transmission will be downloaded to your PC. (Note: This ZIP file is usually saved into a folder named Downloads, but the location on your PC may vary depending on your customized settings in your operating system and web browser.)


This feature is only available when the Rangecast player is operating in Advanced mode. You can change the level on the Preferences/Option tab (gear icon), "Level" option.

Note: some user accounts do not have access to Advanced features.



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