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[FAQ-1130] No Internet error message



Under some circumstances, the Rangecast software will test internet access by attempting to contact Google via HTTPS. If this test is unsuccessful, the software concludes that general internet access is not working from this PC, and suspend scanner operations while awaiting the restoration of service. In this state, the Rangecast sender will show a red status box, with the text "NO INTERNET"


You may observe the error condition by opening a web browser and attempting to access google via HTTPS at the following URL. Note the "https://" prefix -- this test includes verification of secure network connectivity (not the same as typing "www.google.com" in the browser's address bar.)


In this error state, it is believed that Google will not load in a web browser. The error message provided by the browser may provide more information about the problem. Until this can be made to work, Rangecast will not be operational on that PC.

The problem may relate to a bad network connection. If the PC is using a wireless connection, that may have become inoperative. Another possible cause for network problems relates to the DNS settings in the PCs internet configuration. In general, any problem on the PC that makes software on the PC unable to connect to internet domains (like https://www.google.com) will prevent normal operation of Rangecast services. We cannot provide guidance about how to establish or repair the internet connection of a PC.

On rare occasions, domains work without the https - but fail with https - and this has been caused by a PC clock that is very incorrect (on the order of months or years). For example, we have seen this error occur when a PC clock was set to the correct date and time, but to the wrong year. Such a large clock error can result in the PC incorrectly believing that Google's security certificate is invalid or expired.

[FAQ-1054] How to set PC clock to the correct time, date, and timezone.

The PC clock is set through a Windows control interface. In addition to entering the correct time and date, ensure that the time zone is correct, and also the year. It is recommended that the clock be locked to a network time reference, to ensure continued accuracy.

If Google loads normally in the web browser, try restarting Rangecast:

a) stop all software that is running

[FAQ-1088] How to stop Rangecast software on a feed site PC (temporary stop, not decommission)

Rangecast software on a feed site PC includes a "watchdog" process that monitors for software faults, and may automatically relaunch the software if it is not closed correctly. The correct way to stop Rangecast is to click the Rangecast icon, and then press the Stop button.

b) press the Rangecast icon on the desktop, then Start

If that is not successful, try rebooting the PC




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