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[FAQ-1054] How to set PC clock to the correct time, date, and timezone.



The PC clock is set through a Windows control interface. In addition to entering the correct time and date, ensure that the time zone is correct, and also the year. It is recommended that the clock be locked to a network time reference, to ensure continued accuracy.


Compare the time and date shown by the PC with an accurate time source, for example a cellphone. If different by more than a minute or so, then the PC clock needs correction.


This is how to set the PC clock:

(1) Navigate to the Windows clock settings in either of these ways:

* Via the PC clock -- click on the clock in the taskbar, and then click "Change date and time settings"

* or via the Control Panel -- [ Start Button > Control Panel > Date and Time ]

(2) Use the [Change Date and Time] and the [Change Time Zone] buttons to set those values.

(3) Click the [Internet Time] tab.

(4) If the PC does not say that it it set to automatically synchronize, then click the [Change Settings] button to open the [Internet Time Settings] panel, and continue with the following steps.

SPECIAL NOTE April 2017: Microsoft's time service has failed, and is setting PC clocks to the incorrect time. To address this issue, select Change Settings even if the clock is set to automatically synchronize, so you can switch to a different time reference.

(5) Checkmark the box labeled [Synchronize with an Internet time server].

SPECIAL NOTE April 2017: Due to the Microsoft time failure, change the selected server to something besides time.windows.com. We recommend time.nist.gov, if that is available from your PC.

(6) Then click the [Update now] button and wait for a synchronization confirmation message. When it reports "The clock was successfully synchronized..." then you are done and you can exit these screens.

If you get an error message in step (6), then try again. Also review that you set the time, date and zone in Step (2) correctly because if they are significantly wrong then Step (4) may not work.


Clock errors greater than 15 minutes will prevent correct operation of Rangecast (interfering with the ability to upload audio from this PC). It is desirable to keep the clock accurate to within one minute, and small errors (under a couple of minutes) will not affect Rangecast performance.




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