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[FAQ-1053] Error Message: CLOCK ERROR (Code 31)

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The CLOCK ERROR message warns that the PC clock is wrong and not synchronized with the Rangecast server. A RED BOX warning with "CLOCK ERROR" displays on the Sender during this condition. If the clock is off by more than 15 minutes (or set to the wrong time zone), this prevents the Sender from feeding audio. This is a disabling problem but is easily fixed. NOTE: this FAQ relates only to a clock error displayed on a PC recording audio, and is NOT related to clock error messages on a PC playing audio.


-- RED BOX displays on Sender with text "CLOCK ERROR" message.
-- If the clock error is greater than 15 minutes, audio cannot be uploaded from this PC.
-- On the hub status page, and e-mail alerts (if activated), clock error (code 31) will be reported.


Reset the PC clock by following the steps in FAQ-1054:

[FAQ-1054] How to set PC clock to the correct time, date, and timezone.

The PC clock is set through a Windows control interface. In addition to entering the correct time and date, ensure that the time zone is correct, and also the year. It is recommended that the clock be locked to a network time reference, to ensure continued accuracy.


When the PC clock is not locked to a network time reference, the PC clock may drift slowly and become increasingly inaccurate.

When the clock is off by a few minutes, one sender on a PC will raise a CLOCK ERROR message, to alert the user to the probable clock drift that will eventually cause a failure. During this period, a clock error will be raised, but audio will still upload normally through Rangecast. Once the clock drift brings the error to 10 minutes, all senders on the PC will report this error. At 15 minutes, audio will no longer upload, and the scanners connected to this PC cannot be used for Rangecast operations.




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