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Topics related to issues that may interfere with Rangecast software on a PC that is physically connected to radio receivers


[FAQ-1169] Third-party software suspected of creating PC system instability

While maintaining PCs running Rangecast feed sites, we have sometimes encountered situations where third-party software (installed by the feed site operator, or computer manufacturer) has appeared to be responsible for PC instability. We recommend not using these software packages on Rangecast feed site PCs.

[FAQ-1239] Fixing Windows files for symptom Sender Not Responding

A problem can sometimes occur, apparently within the Windows operating system, that causes Rangecast software to freeze when accessing a Windows DLL necessary for communications over the network. A typical symptom is the senders freezing on launch at the "ping to server" stage. In at least some cases, this can be fixed using a Windows repair utility. (This process is also generally useful for attempting to correct unknown errors in the Windows operating system.)

[FAQ-1258] Screenwise Panel interferes with internet connectivity

Screenwise Panel is software that invites people to participate in a survey of internet usage. If installed, the survey intercepts some or all internet connections, and may expect someone to manually specify which person at the location is using the computer. This interferes with software that expects to use the internet in an automatic mode.

[FAQ-1225] Windows error - Bad Image - and uninstalling LogMeIn

An automatic LogMeIn update in 2018 installed a file that appears to be corrupted. This software is no longer used by Rangecast, and the recommended solution is fully uninstalling the LogMeIn software from the PC. This will remove the corrupted file.

[FAQ-1121] Windows Defender falsely reporting Rangecast software as malware

Antivirus systems (such as Microsoft Defender) sometimes falsely identify application software as containing a virus. When this happens, critical files needed for the Rangecast application may be removed (quarantined or deleted), with the result that the software no longer works. The exact symptom depends on which files are zapped by the antivirus system, and when it happens. This is resolved by releasing the critical files from quarantine, or replacing these files in the SENDER folder from a fresh download of the Rangecast installation package.

[FAQ-1325] Clearing the Anydesk ID (for cloned PCs to allow generation of a fresh ID)

If cloning PCs with Anydesk installed, each of the clones will have the same Anydesk ID as the original PC. This is a problem, since it will only be possible to contact one of the PCs remotely (and there is no control over which PC.) Therefore, in this situation, it is necessary to clear the Anydesk ID from some/all of the PCs. This can be done by erasing a specific configuration file from the PC, and then re-running the Anydesk installation script.



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