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[FAQ-1217] Error message: MULTISYNC SHIFTING (Code 45)

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The 'Multisync Shifting' warning means that the Rangecast system has repeatedly changed which PC is responsible for managing a feed site's scanner operations. This likely indicates either that the PCs are on different Local Area Networks (LANs) and therefore unable to communicate with each other, or that the Multisync software is not launching (possibly due to overly aggresive anti-virus software.)


The 'Multisync Shifting' message likely indicates that either:

1) The PCs are on different Local Area Networks (LANs), see

[FAQ-1215] Error message: MULTISYNC LAN CONFLICT (Code 36)

Multisync is a system that coordinates the scanning activity between multiple scanners that operate as a cluster (co-operatively scanning the same channels.) Successful use of Multisync depends upon low-latency (fast) communication between the PCs that control these scanners, so it is normally required that the PCs be connected to the same LAN (Local Area Network.) In addition, due to standard NAT firewall security, it is normally impossible for PCs to directly intercommunicate if they are on different LANs.

Note: that LAN issue may occur without the "Multisync LAN Conflict" warning also being generated, so the absence of that message does not mean that it's not the problem.

2) or Multisync is either not starting, or not allowed to access the network, on the PCs. This may occur if Multisync is blocked by Windows or anti-virus software.

The second possible cause is not known to have never occurred in actual operation, so the first explanation (LAN) is more likely.




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