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[FAQ-1180] Error Message: Multisync LAN Conflict (Code 36)

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Through software located on the feed site PCs, Rangecast software automatically co-ordinates the tuning and reception of all scanners operating under the same Rangecast feed site number. In order for this co-operative system to operate, these PCs must be able to communicate with each other, and therefore must be located on the same LAN (local area network.) Note that this requirement only applies to feed site PCs recording audio (not where the Rangecast player is used), and only when the PCs are operating scanners under the same feed site number.


The feed site PCs operating scanners under a single feed site number need to be connected to the same Local Area Network (LAN).


Possibly related issue:

[FAQ-1217] Error message: MULTISYNC SHIFTING (Code 45)

The 'Multisync Shifting' warning means that the Rangecast system has repeatedly changed which PC is responsible for managing a feed site's scanner operations. This likely indicates either that the PCs are on different Local Area Networks (LANs) and therefore unable to communicate with each other, or that the Multisync software is not launching (possibly due to overly aggresive anti-virus software.)


The error message "Multisync LAN Conflict" indicates that Rangecast software believes there are PCs operating scanners under a single feed site number are operating on different Internet LANs (Local Area Networks.) This configuration does not work for the Rangecast feed site software.

To correct the issue, either:

(a) change the internet connections for one (or more) PCs, to bring them onto the same LAN, or

(b) separate the scanners into different feed site numbers, so the PCs on different LANs do not need to communicate with each other.

(Note that option B may have adverse consequences for reception performance, and in general option A is preferred.)



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