Rangecast FAQ
[FAQ-1179] How to decommission a PC (take it out of service permanently)



When a PC is taken out of service (no longer intended to be used as a Rangecast feed site), it is necessary to take two steps. First, the Rangecast software configuration should be checked to ensure that Rangecast is not launched as a service, and if this command is present, it should be removed. Second, the process by which Rangecast is automatically launched on the startup of a Windows user account should be removed, so the Rangecast software does not relaunch itself. And of course, the Rangecast software application should be closed (not left running on the PC.)


1) Press the Rangecast icon on the desktop

2) Press Configuration, and wait for the hardware polling process to complete (the text "Port Tests Complete" will appear in the upper-left.)

3) If the "Special Settings" box contains the text "boot=2", then delete this text, and press Save Changes.

4) Close the Rangecast application

5) Remove the software that automatically launches Rangecast

[FAQ-1072] How to prevent Rangecast from automatically launching on a PC when it boots

To ensure reliable recovery of a Rangecast feed site in the event of a power failure, or if the PC automatically reboots for other reasons, a special file is placed in a Windows Startup folder triggering the launch of Rangecast software in the PC bootup process. To prevent Rangecast from automatically launching on a PC when it boots, delete this file.



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