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[FAQ-1144] How to revert to an older version of a hub's programming (undo save or saves)



Sometimes it is necessary to undo changes to a hub's HTML5 programming, and restore a prior version of the programming configuration (received channels, selected broadcast towers, etc). In the entry screen of the HTML5 programmer, where the administrator may enter feed site locations and before pulling a list of relevant channels from the master nationwide channel database, there is a drop-down list of all prior saved versions. You may select any prior version, and then proceed ("click to load channel list") to load that prior configuration into the programmer. You may then optionally make changes, and save to the active programming version.


This process can only be done by a hub administrator.

1) Log into hub administration

[FAQ-1153] How to access Hub Administration

A hub administrator (e.g. someone with a Rangecast username that has been previously listed as having administrative permissions for a hub) can access administrative functions for the HTML5 system.

2) Enter the HTML5 programmer

3) On the first (entry) screen, there is a drop-down menu as illustrated below, choose the version that you want to restore

4) (Optional) You may make changes to the other setup fields on this page, such as adding or removing feed sites, modifying the filters applied for pulling possibly relevant channels from the nationwide channel database, etc.

Note: The prior version selected in the drop-down is used as a base reference, as if it were the most recently saved version of the programming, with all subsequent saved changes ignored. As with using this page normally (with the most recently saved version selected), you can adjust any of the fields on this page, to alter how the programmer is set up.

5) (Optional) When the programmer loads, you may make any desired changes (if any) to affect the programming.

6) Select Save Options, then Save, to make your restoration (plus any changes, if applicable) active on the system.


Note: this method only affects the HTML5 programming. If a hub records content from supplemental channels (not indexed for delivery via HTML5), these will not be affected by this operation.



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