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[FAQ-1131] Bad Password (feed site sender error message)

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Hubs may require a password for feed site senders/scanners to submit audio content into Rangecast. The password is entered on the PC in the Rangecast configuration screen. If the supplied password is not on an approved list (maintained by the hub administrator), the sender will show a red box with the error messsage "BAD PASSWORD"


The password discussed here is a password required from the feed site PC to submit audio content. This is NOT the password that you may use for accessing the Rangecast player.


The Rangecast feed site sender software will show a red status box with the text "BAD PASSWORD"


1) Stop all Rangecast software

[FAQ-1088] How to stop Rangecast software on a feed site PC (temporary stop, not decommission)

Rangecast software on a feed site PC includes a "watchdog" process that monitors for software faults, and may automatically relaunch the software if it is not closed correctly. The correct way to stop Rangecast is to click the Rangecast icon, and then press the Stop button.

2) Press the icon on the desktop to start Rangecast, and then press Configuration

3) Wait for the software to search for attached hardware. When complete, the text "Port tests complete" will appear in the upper-left.

4) Review the contents of the green "Default Connection Password" text entry box

5) Check with your hub administrator to see if this password is correct. If not, enter a valid password here, and press Save. Then restart the Rangecast software.




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