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[FAQ-1222] Error message: BRIEF TRANSMISSIONS (Code 47)

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Brief Transmissions means that, during a significant fraction of the time, the scanner is recording transmissions that turn out to be very brief (under 1.5 seconds) and therefore probably not conveying meaningful content. This may be due to reception problems (such as fluttering signals), or scanning channels that characteristically have numerous very brief transmissions (possibly data channels.)


Determine which channels are producing this content, and remove them from the programming for the system.

Note that transmissions shorter than 1/3 seconds, or transmissions that are entirely silent, or carry exclusively data traffic, are rejected from the system and will not appear in the Rangecast player, or on the status page. Therefore, these resources may not be a reliable way to determine which channels are responsible for these brief transmissions.

If it is not evident which channels are causing the problem, as seen via player or status page reports for traffic between 1/3 and 1.5 seconds, it is recommended that the scanner or sender be observed directly, at the feed site PC. Immediately after the end of a transmission, if the transmission is rejected due to being under 1/3 seconds in duration, the word "Brief" will appear on the "Last File" line of the sender status report.)



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