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[FAQ-1219] Error message: TOO FEW PORTS (Code 56)

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The 'Too Few Ports' error message indicates that Windows has not detected enough audio ports to support the number of Rangecast senders configured to launch on that PC. The most likely cause relates to problems with the USB system. It is also possible that the scanners have been removed, without the Rangecast software being informed of the change.


Each Rangecast sender requires an audio input, providing the audio to be recorded and distributed through the Rangecast system. If Windows detects fewer audio ports than there are senders configured to launch on the PC, then necessarily there is a problem - either a hardware or USB problem (where some audio ports are failing to register) or a configuration problem (where some Rangecast senders are still running, expecting to hear a scanner, despite there not being an audio input available.)

For interpreting this warning message, it is important to know that this message is not necessarily coming from the specific scanner that is having trouble. This warning message is always reported by a specific sender on the PC that was automatically selected as first to launch, and is responsible for testing some aspects of how the PC is configured for Rangecast.

It is quite common for this error to be reported by a specific sender that is running normally, while another sender on the same PC is malfunctioning with either a "Radio Missing" and/or "No Audio Port" error message.

In this situation, the "Too Few Ports" warning can be interpreted as helpful information for diagnosing the malfunctioning sender.

In essence, regardless of which specific sender reports "Too Few Ports", the warning is about the PC and not any specific sender.


A Rangecast sender on the PC (not necessarily the sender reporting this warning message!) may be unable to communicate with a scanner.


Review warnings from all senders on the same PC, especially "Radio Missing" or "No Audio Port" messages. Interpret those messages in light of this information.



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