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[FAQ-1195] Error: HIGH RECEPTION LOAD (Code 23)

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The HIGH RECEPTION LOAD error message indicates that the scanner is receiving content during a very high fraction of the time, and it is very probable that additional broadcast content is being missed because there are too few scanners in operation for the quantity of content assigned through the scanner programming system.


If all the scanners at a feed site are recording audio, any additional transmission that occurs simultaneously will be missed and not recorded. There should be a sufficient number of scanners to handle peak loads on the broadcast channels designated for reception.

Note that it is normal in Rangecast for the PLAYER to operate at 100% loads (continuously playing audio). The player pools content from multiple scanners, and gives the user the ability to select which specific content should be played.

Regardless of how many people are listening, each transmission is recorded by only one scanner. And each listener will hear a series of transmissions that may have been received from different scanners.

Although the Rangecast player can operate at 100% loads, the scanners should not operate at such a high load. The scanners need some free time between transmissions to scan and detect signals. If a scanner spends too high a fraction of time recording audio, this indicates that there are insufficient resources to detect new signals.

When there are multiple collaborating scanners at a feed site, they will share the reception load, no single scanner should be significantly more loaded than the others. Therefore, a high reception load on one scanner is taken as an indication of excessive loads on the entire block of scanners at the feed site.

The appropriate action is to either increase the number of scanners (so there are sufficient resources to reliably receive the selected channels), or reassign some channels to other feed sites (rebalancing the loads between sets of scanners), or removing some channels entirely from the programming (lightening the loads.)

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