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[FAQ-1193] Error message: BAD PROGRAMMING (Code 29)

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The BAD PROGRAMMING error message means the scanner was unable to accept the remote programming instructions from the Rangecast software. This normally means the scanner was asked to do something that exceeds the technical specifications of the radio. This may adversely affect reception performance on some channels.


In general, this error message should not occur, because Rangecast software is designed to match programming instructions to the technical specifications of each model of supported scanner radio.

However, on occasion, this issue may occur.

1) One circumstance relates to scanners placed in a test configuration attempting to receive everything from certain trunked radio systems or from a geographic region, as this kind of test configuration is not subject to as careful constraints. If this error is present, the test may not operate as intended, but there is no other adverse effect.

2) Another circumstance relates to channels that have unusual operating specifications which are not fully taken into account in the Rangecast programming software, or where no clearly appropriate scanner radio was available so the system accepted the necessity of assignment to a scanner that might not be fully compatible. These kinds of errors would only affect performance on the specific channel generating the error, and as it would normally be a channel that could not be received better on another available radio, it is considered a low significance error message.

3) This may occur if a feed site has a mix of several radio types, or if the programmer is provided with incorrect information about what radio types are in use at the site, and some channels cannot be programmed into all of the radios.

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