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[FAQ-1193] Error message: BAD PROGRAMMING (Code 29)

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The BAD PROGRAMMING error message means the scanner was unable to accept the remote programming instructions from the Rangecast software. This normally means the scanner was asked to do something that exceeds the technical specifications of the radio. This may adversely affect reception performance on some channels.


In general, this error message should not occur, because Rangecast software is designed to match programming instructions to the technical specifications of each model of supported scanner radio.

However, on occasion, this issue may occur.

Examples of radio channel types not receivable from certain models of radio:

* MotoTrbo trunked systems (trunk type T)

* Channels with "color codes" (shown in PL field with prefix letter Q)

In addition, very old radios (such as the BCT-15) cannot receive some kinds of trunked systems that are easily received with more current scanners.

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