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[FAQ-1189] Error message: NO TRANSMISSIONS (Code 25)

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If a feed site has not received any transmissions for 16 hours, the sender raises an alert that no transmissions are being received. This may occur if the scanner is not programmed to monitor any broadcast channels, or the channels assigned may not be receivable from that location, or the antenna may be disconnected or inadequate for receiving signals.


This error code (NO TRANSMISSIONS) indicates that no transmissions are being received, but does not identify why this is the case.

A good starting point is to check the programming assigned to the feed site.

If no channels are assigned to this feed site, then the software should also report a separate "NO PROGRAMMING" error message

[FAQ-1188] Error message: NO PROGRAMMING (Code 34)

Each originating hub creates a programming file, assigning reception of particular channels to particular receive sites (feed sites). Each scanner is assigned to a specific feed site. If the programming fails to assign any channels to a feed site with active scanners, then those scanners will not be programmed to receive any channels, and therefore cannot contribute usefully to the scanner network. The "NO PROGRAMMING" error message indicates this condition.

If channels are assigned to this feed site, then either the channels are inactive (broadcast channels may be retired from service), or the channels cannot be received from this location with the existing hardware configuration (e.g. antenna, filter, etc.)

In this circumstance, the NO TRANSMISSIONS error message may be considered an indication to check the programming (do these channels still exist?) and the hardware (is the antenna disconnected, or is there some other reason for not getting strong signals?)

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