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[FAQ-1029] Reference list of Agency Codes used by RadioReference, HPDB, RCHAN

This is a list of the Agency Codes used by RadioReference, and in the Home Patrol Database (HPDB), and in Rangecast RCHAN files.

[FAQ-1108] How to divide trunked system reception between multiple broadcast towers

Some regional/statewide trunked systems operate many broadcast towers, and individual talkgroups on the system may be carried on only certain towers (for example, towers serving the region where a geographically local talkgroup is relevant.) In the programming system, it is possible to choose which towers to receive, and then choose which receive feed site to use for each selected tower. Talkgroups are automatically associated with the nearest tower to the channel's reference coordinates, and these choices may be overridden as necessary in the programmer.

[FAQ-1111] Use of the RCDB (Rangecast Channel Database) query utility

The RCDB query utility is a website available for looking up channel information from the master channel database used in the HTML5 Rangecast system.

[FAQ-1116] How to add a custom channel (not from RCDB) to a hub

Channels not in the master nationwide channel database (RCDB) can be added to a hub's scanner reception. Such extra "custom" channels may be tied into the system/group/channel hierarchy.

[FAQ-1122] When programming a hub, how to find a channel missing from the channel list

When programming a hub, it sometimes happens that a channel known to exist is missing from the list of available channels fetched from the master channel database. This provides guidance for how to adjust the selection parameters to fetch the channel (if present in the full database), or add it as a custom channel (if not present there.)

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