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[FAQ-1108] How to divide trunked system reception between multiple broadcast towers



Some regional/statewide trunked systems operate many broadcast towers, and individual talkgroups on the system may be carried on only certain towers (for example, towers serving the region where a geographically local talkgroup is relevant.) In the programming system, it is possible to choose which towers to receive, and then choose which receive feed site to use for each selected tower. Talkgroups are automatically associated with the nearest tower to the channel's reference coordinates, and these choices may be overridden as necessary in the programmer.


1. Enter hub administration for the hub, launch the programmer, and proceed past the entry screen (where feed sites are registered.)

2. Select the Trunking tab from the Navigation box (uppper-left)

3. Identify the trunked system you want to divide between multiple broadcast towers. Each trunked system with any talkgroups selected for reception is shown on this page in the section titled "Trunked System - Choose Broadcast Tower".

4. If the trunked system is currently using a single broadcast tower, it will have a drop-down menu with a single visible option (when the drop-down is not activated.) If the line looks like this, click Expand to convert the trunked system option to a multi-select entry mode.

5. Select the broadcast towers you want to receive. A good choice of towers may require some knowledge of the local geography in the area being monitored. For reference, the number of broadcast working channels on each tower is shown in parenthesis (larger numbers generally correspond to more significant towers that broadcast more talkgroups.) You can select multiple towers.

6. Click outside the selection box, to register the changes in the browser

7. In the section titled "Trunked System - Choose Scanners", each monitored broadcast tower will be shown on a line. For each tower in your trunked system, you may accept the automatic choice of Rangecast feed site from which this tower will be received, or choose a different feed site.

8. (Optional) You may review which talkgroups will be received from which broadcast tower, by going to a list of channels, where the tower used for each talkgroup is shown in green text as illustrated here

If you want to override the selection of broadcast towers for certain talkgroups, this may be done by switching to "Edit Hub Overrrides" mode on the Save Options tab, then going back to the list of channels, marking (via checkbox) certain talkgroups, using the drop-down option at the bottom of the page to force the choice of a different tower, then Apply Changes.

9. When complete, go to Save Options and Save, then use the RCHAN that is generated to program the scanners.



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