The Rangecast Player provides the usual dynamic interface for monitoring channels and reviewing prior communications.  But there are times when you want a deeper level of analysis, where you can visually observe the sequence of transmissions and even download selected content to your desktop.

So Rangecast provides more than the player.  Our web interface "Transmission Log" feature lets you search our database of audio transmissions.  You specify the time range you want to cover, and the search utility produces a standard HTML webpage showing each transmission on a separate line.  Key parameters are shown, including broadcast channel, broadcast time, and length of transmission. It features a direct link to the audio file for each transmission - just click to listen to each individual recording.

When researching transmissions you can limit the report to a particular broadcast channel, or enter a keyword to perform a text match against the names of channels.  You can also specify a minimum duration, to screen out short transmissions from your initial report.

This feature makes it easy for you to copy Rangecast audio recordings right to your desktop.  To save a particular transmission, on the search results page, you can right-click an audio link and "Save As" to make a copy on your PC.

Alternatively, if you want to save a series of transmissions, you can checkmark the desired files and use our "Save as ZIP" option to download a ZIP file including each selected audio file.  The ZIP file will also contain an M3U playlist so you can play the sequence automatically in a third-party audio player (e.g. VLC, WinAmp, etc) while preserving the "metadata" (broadcast time and channel).
Select the the time frame for the transmissions you want, as shown here.
When the list appears, select the transmissions you want to download.  You can click the links to listen to them first. 
(Although this is a simulation, you can click links here to play these transmissions.)
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