Staying tuned to State Police, Highway Patrol and DOT two-way radio traffic is a critical component to staying on top of traffic conditions.

With Rangecast you can monitor most State Police and Highway Patrol radio communications as troopers are directed by dispatchers to accidents, breakdowns and other incidents on the highway on a minute-by-minute basis. State DOT agencies will direct highway crews to accident clean-up scenes as well as report on construction road closures.

Local and county police and sheriff's departments will patrol important local, county and state roads and also respond to accident scenes. Local and county fire departments will be called to spill clean-ups as well as to major accidents.

Nowadays, as everyone has a cell phone, as soon as there's a problem on the roads a call is made to a state dispatcher who quickly will send the information out to the appropriate patrol cars and cycles. Traffic reporting services need to be monitoring these communications and with Rangecast you can monitor in a very organized and effective way.

Rangecast is Simple to Use

As Rangecast is operated from a web browser anyone can learn how to use it in minutes. Additionally, multiple people in an office (such as multiple traffic producers and announcers) or throughout an organization (traffic and news for example) can access a single bank of scanners. What one person monitors can vary from what everyone else hears. One producer may only want to monitor Highway Patrol while another listens to local and county police and fire for example.

Local and Remote Listening

Do you cover a wide service territory? With Rangecast you can set up feed sites in outlying areas that you can't receive from your main office. This could be a county or two away or it could be in other states and other markets entirely. With Rangecast you can feed an unlimited number of scanners into the system and monitor whatever you wish to hear.

Go Back in Time with Rangecast

Did you miss the mile marker of that accident that was just reported on the State Police radio? With our Replay button as well as our one click Go Back in Time feature you can easily hear exactly what you missed as all Rangecast audio is archived.

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Note:  The Rangecast player on this unrestricted demonstration page presents delayed audio, which is not sufficient for professional applications. Professional customers have access to a live feed.  As with any network service, Rangecast cannot guarantee 100% uptime.  For mission-critical applications, we will work with your IT department to minimize risk.
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This demonstration player features public safety communications from Massachusetts, delayed by one hour..