Sometimes you want to receive a signal, but it's not possible to get good reception from your location.  Perhaps the transmitter is too far away, or on the other side of a mountain.  Maybe your office is deep inside a building, where radio signals don't penetrate.  Similar problems are encountered by mobile users, who need to monitor signals while driving across varied terrain and wide geographic distances.  For various reasons, you may find that you simply can't receive the radio signals that you need to keep aware of what's happening in an area you need to monitor.

If you need real-time situational awareness of events hundreds or thousands of miles away, radio signal detection is so clearly impossible that you would not even consider using a scanner radio.

Rangecast solves all of these problems by separating the radio receiver from the listening device, and using the internet to form a bridge.  With Rangecast, you can listen to radio signals on the other side of the globe, with perfect clarity.  You can listen in your office, even if you can't even receive your local community fire department, due to poor reception conditions or local interference.  All you need is an internet connection.

Unlike internet streaming of audio from a remotely located radio, which is necessarily limited to receiving signals from one location, Rangecast provides the dynamic power of selection and control that you expect from a scanner - while mixing content recevied from many locations.  On the same Rangecast player, you can simultaneously listen to channels received from different sites.  All the channels of interest are brought together onto a unified user interface, regardless of where they come from.

Each user in your organization can have an independent player design, and choose which channels to monitor, without affecting any other users.


If your company has many people who could benefit from monitoring radio transmissions, Rangecast eliminates the need to purchase dedicated radio equipment for every listener.  A single scanner, or cluster of Multisync-coordinated scanners, can distribute audio via internet to a virtually unlimited number of users.

Unlike standard audio streaming, Rangecast technology gives each user the freedom to individually choose particular channels to scan - in effect, providing the power and functionality of a personal scanner, combined with the freedom and simplicity of scanner-free reception via data network.

If signing up for access to channels in the Rangecast audio library, where channels are recorded from our scanners, you won't need any radio equipment at all!  No more worries about signal quality, antenna placement, or any of the other complications that can come with operating your own radio receiver.  The transmissions will simply arrive in your office via internet - signal reception from the cloud!
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